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Dr. Sean Harry: Consultant, Author, Speaker

What’s the one thing that makes your company special?

Dr. Sean Harry believes finding and developing that one thing is the key to developing a thriving business. Sean’s unique background and skills help businesses identify their unique value proposition that will provide them a critical edge in our highly competitive world.

Small Business Consultant / Author / Professional Speaker

Find your niche and grow your businessThe Best Little Marketing Plan by Sean Harry

Once you have clearly defined your niche it’s time to build your business by putting the right people, GrowthWheel: make decisions and take and processes in place. Dr. Harry has helped hundreds of businesses do just that using some of the best business building tools such as GrowthWheel and The Best Little Marketing Plan.

And he doesn’t stop there! Sean has developed curriculum used by Small Business Development Centers across the country. Dr. Harry’s curriculum helped the Portland SBDC triple one program revenue stream in just 7 months and is FREE for SBDC Advisors and Directors (contact us for more details).

Sean’s unique perspective

Dr. Harry brings a unique perspective from his training and experience in two seemingly different worlds: Divinity and Business.  Sean has a Doctorate in Divinity from Claremont and also a Masters degree in Business from Portland State University. He has spent 15 years walking with people through life’s most intense spiritual events and has worked in the corporate world for more than 10 years including sales positions and as a consultant helping people through career transitions.

Sean has spent his entire career helping individuals and businesses discover what makes them special and hone their Unique Value Proposition (i.e. their “brand”) so they can connect with their perfect clients, build the perfect work team, or find the perfect career. He is uniquely able to help people bring together both the existential needs and the business challenges of the 21st century.

Sean’s services include: Small business Consulting, Professional Speaking, and Training Employees/Leaders.

Combining wisdom and humor, Sean teaches people how to honestly assess their strengths and weaknesses, find their true passion and focus on the one thing that sets them apart in life and in business. He will help you put systems and processes in place that allow your business to grow!

The first time I heard Dr. Sean speak, I was floored! He mixed common sense with practical strategies to give our team real and applicable solutions. I can’t wait to hear him again!

-Don Elliott

Corporate Training and Public Speaking

A recent study conducted by Development Dimensions International (DDI) found that more than 25% of current employees plan to look for another job when the economy improves. Could you imagine losing another 25% of your workforce? Through his keynotes, breakout sessions, half and full day workshops, Dr. Sean Harry will help you keep your workforce engaged and productive. Learn more here.

Sean teaches you how to think as your clients think, allowing you to gain their trust faster and truly be an asset to your clients. His methods will allow you to continually grow your business by changing your mindset from thinking about your agenda to thinking about your client’s agenda.

- Brian Heaton, CenturyLink