4 Factors To Look For In The Perfect Job

Today’s tip is about the 4 factors to look for in the perfect job.

When asked about what they think the perfect job would look like, a lot of people say “high salary.” Since our jobs are the economic engines of our lives, money is important.

But did you know that money is not the MOST important factor for most people?  When asked what is most important about their current job, more than 50% of people put money 3rd or 4th on the list.

That’s because we are not just looking for a job. Most of us are looking for our perfect career position.

A career position can be identified by four key ingredients:

Job satisfaction — Believe it or not, most people indicate that their #1 job priority is whether or not they feel satisfied doing the work they do. And workers indicate that one of the  best ways to have job satisfaction is for your boss to talk to you  and let you know you must enjoy what you do or you won’t be able to do it for long;

Growth – Your perfect job needs to be engaging and allow room for you to grow. For some that means that there is a growing edge to the job they are doing — not just repeating the same task hour after hour and day after day. For others growth means there is room to move up the ladder to better positions. What does growth mean for you in your next job?

Proper Environment – If you prefer working out of doors, a cubicle will probably drive you crazy! If you can’t stand math and numbers confuse you, then you have NO business being an accountant. Other environmental issues include: travel, work hours, your boss and co-workers, corporate culture, etc. Finding the right environment is important to finding the perfect job fit.

Money is the final aspect of your perfect Career Position — Your financial compensation, how much you make, your salary and benefits. Everyone feels they should be paid what they are worth (or close to it) — but when asked what is most important, money is almost never at the TOP of the list.

What about you?  When you think of the perfect job, what are you looking for?  What kind of work would be most satisfying to you? What kind of growth opportunities would you like to have in your next position? What would your ideal environment look like?  How much money do you need to make in order to feel adequately compensated?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you look in the right place for your next job. And looking in the right place is at least half of the battle when it comes to finding the perfect job!

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